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Privacy and Data Protection

In today’s digital age, safeguarding personal data is paramount. Navigating the complex web of data processing regulations requires comprehensive knowledge to ensure compliance, protect user privacy, and achieve business objectives. Following the transformative impact of the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) on data handling, many businesses are eager to comply but require expert guidance. Unicorn Legals offers comprehensive data protection and privacy solutions to empower your business in managing the intricacies of data regulations confidently. Our seasoned legal team works tirelessly to tailor strategies that align with your unique needs, mitigating risks and ensuring compliance.

Our services include but are not limited to:

  • Compliance Strategies: Crafting strategies of varying complexity and jurisdictional reach to ensure data protection compliance. Crafting customized GDPR compliance strategies that harmonize with your business model.
  • Data Mapping for New Products or Services: Assisting in mapping personal data within your organization, developing sustainable records of processing activities, and formulating priorities to mitigate potential gaps.
  • Data Protection Impact Assessment: Evaluating the impact of current solutions, conducting Data Protection Impact Assessments, reviewing software solutions’ GDPR compliance, and compiling GDPR-compliant impact assessment documentation.
  • Legitimate Interests Assessment and Balancing Test (LIA): Conducting assessments to ensure legitimate interests align with GDPR requirements.
  • Data Protection Documentation: Creating summaries of personal data processing and privacy policies, crafting consent forms, and developing internal regulations. Crafting policies and advising on e-privacy and cookie-related issues.
  • Data Processing Agreement: We also draft agreements for data processing, controller-processor agreements. 
  • Data Protection Officer’s (DPO) Service: Providing expert DPO services to ensure continuous GDPR compliance and data protection within your organization.
  • Risk Management and Data Security: Advising R&D teams, conducting risk assessments, enhancing data security, and recommending technical solutions such as anonymization, encryption, consent management, and more. We also manage privacy incidents, including reporting to regulatory authorities.
  • Training Courses: Offering tailored training courses customized to your organizational profile. We conduct employee training that considers your unique aspects, providing sector-specific insights for departments like customer service, sales, marketing analytics, IT development, finance, and more.
  • Privacy Implications for Tech, such as AI and Blockchain: Advising on the privacy implications of such emerging technologies.
  • Freedom of Information Legislation: Ensuring compliance with freedom of information laws.

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